SA 8.7.17

Völuspá Location Analysis, Acud, Phase 8+9: Dark Menace / The Good Life

Galerie 20h Performance

data empire – precrime - computers, they’re just like us – slow food – drone wars – high frequency trading - mars colony – ragnarök / the good life
For the third time, Max Gadow and Sven Björn Popp of virtuellestheater invite you to take part in VÖLUSPÁ LOCATION ANALYSIS.
Based on the cosmogenic opening part of the Edda (the famous Norse book of myths), their nomadic performance installation investigates the atmosphere and the potential of selected locations. After analysing Ballhaus Ost in Berlin and the Hallo-Festspiele in Hamburg in 2016, they now continue with Kunsthaus ACUD. Joining forces with London based artist Elizabeth Prentis, whose practice explores sculpture and performance. They will transform the ACUD gallery into their new temporary camping site. Here they will collect, discuss, sing, read, build, destroy, eat and dance in the space.
Together with a variety of guests, they will inspect the past and present, to try and cast an optimistic glance into the future. // More Info
Performance Elizabeth Prentis, Max Gadow and Sven Björn Popp
Curation Mieke Bohl
VÖLUSPÁ LOCATION ANALYSIS created by Max Gadow and Sven Björn Popp.
Special thanks to Rabea Rugenstein and Lisa Heinrici for initiating the project and to Julie Gayard for the graphics.
Funded by the Netzwerkfonds Berlin (Soziale Stadt) as part of miKrOPROJEKTE 2017.
SA 1.7 – SA 8.7 // 20H – 24H
virtuellestheater & acud macht neu present
a performance installation, different program and guests every night
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