The BACKYARD is the heart of the house that interconnects all the spaces via balconies and stairways. During events, the courtyard is the perfect spot to hangout.

In summer, it is pleasantly mild and at night the architecture unfolds an unique atmosphere in combination with the light. The courtyard can be used together with the other three spaces.

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DO 12.7.18 Backyard
Club Night & Concert
MI 4.7.18 Backyard
Club Night & Concert
MI 27.6.18 Backyard
MI 20.6.18 Backyard
MI 30.5.18 Backyard
MI 2.8.17 Backyard
Screening & Talk
MI 28.6.17 Backyard
Club Night
MI 21.6.17 Backyard
Club Night & Concert
MI 20.7.16 Backyard
Club Night & Screening