Thank you to everyone who contributes and helps making ACUD what it is. Couldn’t do it without you!



Johannes Braun
Co-Founder & General Manager

Julie Gayard
Co-Founder & Art Director / Graphic Design

Paula Durinova
ACUD Galerie Director

Yosa Peit
Curator Error Music

Juliane Springsguth
Production Error Music & Labkontempo

Gabriela Matuszewska
ACUD Social Media & Press

Karen Jansa

Roman Přikryl
Web Design

Torsten Oetken
Construction & Exhibition Design

Stéphanie Gigan
Event Manager

Adomas Laurinaitis
Event Manager

Fetewei Tarekegn
Head of ACUD Garden Community

Amplify Berlin


Shub Roy

Philipp Hülsenbeck
Head of Sound

Sujmo Akcali
Project Manager

Diane Esnault
Social Media

Past Members


András G. Varga
Club Manager, 2018-2021

Oscar Rohleder
Club Booking and Production, 2018-2020

Ada Favaron
Graphic Design, 2018-2020

Inga Seidler & Daniela Silvestrin
Artistic Direction Extended Program, 2019-2020

Mélodie Melak
Music Booking and Curation, 2019-2020

Lukas Dubro
Press & Social Media, 2015-2019

Shub Roy
Music Program, 2015-2019

Silvia Prolunghi
Production & Rentals, 2017-2019

Hannes Gruber
Bar Manager, 2017-2018

Camila Palomino
Curatorial assistance ACUD Galerie 2016-2018

Franziska Münz
Project Manager Amplify Berlin 2018

Petra Poelzl, Pauline Doutreluingne & Jana Johanna Haeckel (Karma Ltd. Extended)
Curators ACUD Galerie 2018

Mieke Bohl
Curator ACUD Studio, 2014-2018

Elodie Evers
Curator ACUD Gallery, 2015-2017

Doro Becker
Club Management, 2014-2016

Etkin Cekin
Music Program, 2014-2015

Michael Aniser
Press & Social Media, 2014-2015

Martin Hossbach
Consultant, 2014