Thank you to everyone who contributes and helps making ACUD what it is. Couldn’t do it without you!


Johannes Braun
Co-Founder & General Manager
Julie Gayard
Co-Founder & Art Director / Graphic Design
Inga Seidler & Daniela Silvestrin
Artistic Direction Extended Program
Mélodie Melak
Music Program
Sujmo Akcali
Project Manager
András G. Varga
Night & Bar Manager, Production & Rentals
Diane Esnault
Press & Social Media

Karen Jansa
Oscar Rohleder
Booking Assistant
Ada Favaron
Graphic Design
Roman Přikryl
Art Direction Assistance / Web

Turi Agostino
Head of Sound
Torsten Oetken
Construction & Exhibition Design

Amplify Berlin

Shub Roy

Philipp Hülsenbeck
Head of Sound
Sujmo Akcali
Project Manager
Lauren Pringle
Social Media

Past Members

Lukas Dubro
Press & Social Media
Shub Roy
Music Program
Silvia Prolunghi
Production & Rentals
Hannes Gruber
Bar Manager
Mieke Bohl
Curator ACUD Studio, 2014-3018
Elodie Evers
Curator ACUD Gallery, 2015-3017
Doro Becker
Club Management, 2014-3016
Etkin Cekin
Music Program, 2014-3015
Michael Aniser
Press & Social Media, 2014-3015
Martin Hossbach
Consultant, 2014