FR 9.9 — SO 23.10.16

Georgia Gray

Galerie 19h Exhibition

Curated by Elodie Evers

ACUD is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Georgia Gray, featuring recent paintings and sculptures. Her figures seem to originate in the past: gritty 70s glam might mix with Rococo kitsch, creating her own time period where repression and bliss set the pace. Camouflaged in their lush attire, her protagonists avert their gaze both from the viewer and their densely decorated surroundings. They seem to portray a lack of empathy toward their peers, favoring tepid isolation. The paintings’ groundless backdrop also takes the stage in the play Schaumstoff Laden.

While the themes seem heavily laden with importance (gender imbalance, mental illness, racial stereotyping), she touches on them with a gloved hand, pointing to something more abstract – a perspective on a flawed and often perverse world where things happen in an unpredictable and undesirable way.

Georgia Gray (born 1988 in New York City) lives and works in Berlin. She studied at Cooper Union in New York.

Image: Georgia Gray, Vienna Café, 2016

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