Do 11.4.24

There has to be smth in the room: ‘echo°o°o’ collective worldbuilding with Magdalena Emmerig

ACUD GALERIE 17h30 → Exhibition & Other

collective worldbuilding with Magdalena Emmerig
Thu, 11.4, 17.30H - 20H ACUD Galerie
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Through guided role-playing we will envision a future and nurture its mutability. Grounded in queer-feminist theory, the role-play centers around transitioning bodies, collapsing worlds and reproductive labour while the sceneries of the There has to be smth in the room exhibition become amplifiers to our imaginations.

Magdalena Emmerig is a Berlin-based artist and theater maker. Her work is informed by queer-feminist theory and searches for resistant practices in late capitalism. She has been researching neoliberal branding, technology-based self-optimization, contemporary images of masculinity and global contexts of paid reproductive labour. With a focus on immersive formats that enable personal encounters and an affirmative engagement with topics, she develops collaborative forms of artistic research on care and utopias.
Magdalena Emmerig has been a founding member of The Agency (2015-2022), whose immersive performances have been shown internationally.