Do 19.1.23


ACUD GALERIE 19h → Screening

FREM: Experimental documentary film screening & collective reading
DO 19.1, 19H ACUD Galerie
Free Entry

ACUD Galerie invites for the first film screening from the series of community events.

As the climate crisis becomes increasingly urgent beyond the point of no return, and
artificial intelligence expands exponentially, FREM presents a striking and sometimes
uncomfortable reaction to the current wave of post-humanist, anthropocentric thinking.

A unique and wildly experimental documentary, Viera Čákanyová’s film provides a
haunting and futurist portrayal of one of the most beautiful yet extreme landscapes on
earth: King George Island off the coast of Antarctica.

FREM premiered at Berlinale Forum 2020. This year's Forum features the newest film of Viera Čákanyová Notes from Eremocene, which we certainly recommend to see.


Sa 18.2 → Concert & Club Night
Sa 25.2 → Club Night