Do 26.1 — So 26.2.23

“Tracing Movement(s) in Uncertain Times”

ACUD GALERIE 19h → Exhibition

“Tracing Movement(s) in Uncertain Times”
DO 26.1- SO 26.2
Opening hours:
THU-SUN, 14H-19H
Opening: DO 26.1, 19H ACUD Galerie
Full program with details here

“Tracing Movement(s) in Uncertain Times” is a collective effort realized by individuals and groups ‎inside Iran and beyond to shed light on the various shattered yet consistent paths toward freedom ‎and equality practiced and examined for decades.

The project comprises five overlapping sections: a ‎repository (مخزن), a safe (processing) area, a timeline, a temporary monument, along with ‎parallel events.
The exhibition „tracing movement in uncertain times“ presents an overview on artistic positions dealing with decades of struggles and protests in the recent history of Iran. It proposes an interactive timeline at the core of the space where various positions and narratives meet while creating a multipurpose space to study, watch and debate on what connects us and where division lines are preventing us from meaningful solidarity and deeper understanding.

Curated collectively from Tehran and Berlin.

During its four-week program at ACUD Galerie, the project moves beyond conventional methods of displaying art and avoids reactionary demeanors. Using archives collectively gathered and in progress, it attempts to create a safe ‎space for expression, debate, and experimentation while rearranging the space based on the perspectives, ‎narratives, and focus points enhanced by extended hospitality toward the guest and audience. In parallel, events like ‎group readings, panels, workshops, and bodily and sonic performances will accompany the project, expanding its dimensions and potential. At the same time, a temporary monument will be collectively built with the participation of the public.

And all this will be the beginning of a much longer trace.

It takes place within the project space “Goethe-Institut im Exil [Iran]”, at Kunsthaus ACUD in Berlin; a platform for artists, cultural professionals and communities from countries where Goethe-Institut had to close its offices due to oppression or war.


FR 27.1:
- 14H-22H Exhibition: Tracing Movement(s) in Uncertain Times + Screening, ACUD Galerie
- 20H-22H Listening Session with Moraya, ACUD Cub

SA 28.1:
- 19H -23H Collective Reading of Iranian Poetry with Yeganeh Khoie,
Reyhan Reyhani, Nazgol Emami, ACUD Galerie

SO 29.1:
- 18H - 19.30H Panel Discussion: Politics of Music & Art: Hip-Hop, Graffiti, Public vs. Private Spaces with Host/Moderator: Tareq Sydiq,
Nafir (Graffiti Artist) and Säye Skye (Singer), ACUD Club
- 20H - 21H Concert of Säye Skye, Dornika, ACUD Club

SA 4.2:
- 19H "Lecture Performance: Reading through revolution Tanasgol Sabbagh, Memebers of the Women Life Freedom Collective, ACUD Studio

SO 5.2:
- 18.30H-20H Panel Discussion: Politics of Music & Art: Experimentalism & Sonic Activism with Host/Moderator: Shaahin Peymani (Composer and Sound Artist), Farahnaz Hatam (Musician, Sound Artist/Panelist), Behrooz Moosavi (Musician, Curator/Panelist), Rouzbeh Shadpey (Artist, Musician, Writer/Panelist), ACUD Club
- 20.30H - 21.15H Live Performance/Conzert Hjirok (live) presented by Hani Mojtahedy & Andi Toma, ACUD Club

MO 6.2:
- 19H Film Premiere / Q&A: Beyond the fences of Lalehzar with Amen Feyzabadi (Regisseur), ACUD Kino

DI 7.2:
- 17H Film Screening: Short Film Program with Ghasideh Golmakani (director) plus Guest, ACUD Kino
- 19H Film Screening: Atabai (by Nki Karimi) with Amin Farzanifar (Kurator) plus Guest, ACUD Kino

MI 15.2:
- 19H-20.30H Artist Talks with Parastou Forouhar and Barbad Golshiri, ACUD Studio

SO 19.2:
- 18H Lecture Performance: Reading through revolution with Niloofar Rasooli, ACUD Studio
- 20H-21H Experimental Music Concert of Cinna Peyghami, ACUD Club

MI 22.2:
- 19H Lecture: Archive and Counter-Archive with Sanaz Sohrabi, ACUD Studio

DO 23.2:
- 19H Lecture with Behzad Karim Khani, ACUD Studio

SA 25.2:
- 18H Panel Discussion: Informal Modes of Education, ACUD Studio

SO 26.2:
- 20H Concert (Finnissage Tracing movement(s) in uncertain times), ACUD Club

DI 28.2:
- 19H Lecture of Nava Ebrahimi, ACUD Studio

SA 4.3:
- 15H Panel Discussion: Intergenerational Exile Experiences, ACUD Studio
- 17.30H Wo ich sterbe, ist meine Fremde. Poetry Reading: SAID, ACUD Studio
- 20H Closing Concert of Eslahn Ghasimi, ACUD Club