Fr 2.12 — Di 6.12.22

Interassemblages Nodal Relay

ACUD GALERIE 17h → Exhibition

ACUD Galerie presents:
Interassemblages Nodal Relay
December 1 - December 6
Opening reception & live performance: December 2, 17.00-21.00
Opening hours: Dec. 1 (Thu), 4 (Sun) to 6 (Tue): 14:00-19:00
Dec. 2 (Fri) and 3 (Sat): 14:00-21:00

Artists: Maya Masuda, Celeste Vivian Yun Ly, Hilary Yip, Maria Gabriela Capello, Minu Park, Raphaël Fischer-Dieskau, Hara Shin, Louisa Frauenheim
Curators: Maya Masuda, Celeste Vivian Ly, Samy Bie

Interassemblages Nodal Relay is a transient and collaborative project focusing on open-endedness, performativity and the entanglement of agencies during the art creation process. With our project, we intend to explore and subvert the current dilemma of tokenisation and of artists’ identities and their artworks by the established industry through presenting divergent art practices that are unpredictable, multidisciplinary, and collaborative. Featuring artists working across light, time-based installation, sculptural live performance, moving image and other mediums, the project focused on how an open-ended network of agencies and fluidity could be mobilised and in production of new subjectivities.

Maria Gabriela Capello @mgcapellows
Raphaël Fischer-Dieskau @rfdieskau
Louisa Frauenheim @louisa_frauenheim
Celeste Viv Ly @virtio.djvu
Maya Masuda @maya__erin
Minu Park @p.minu
Hara Shin @shin_hara_
Hilary Yip @hlrhei

Aeon Project
(or Aeon Project)

Curators & Co-founders:
Samy Bie @samybee_
Celeste Viv Ly @virtio.djvu
Maya Masuda @maya__erin