Do 17.11.22

CF1P1111: performance by su dance110 and aemlx

ACUD GALERIE 18h → Performance

CF1P1111: performance by su dance110 and aemlx
FR 11.11, ACUD Galerie

Time TBA
One audience performance, Donation based

We are inviting you to CF1P series featuring a performance by su dance110 and aemlx. Take part in a sound and movement conjuration for Kash ubian ceremonial friction drum and incantations in artists’ native languages.
CF1P which stands for ‘Concert for 1 Person’ is a conceptual and experimental concert series that happens once a month on the date which has the same number of the month (3.3, 4.4, 5.5, 6.6 …) starting from March 2022. Each time just for one audience, and a unique and intimate experience. The format or the live set are influenced by the audience’s participation. Locations, themes and guest artists are varied each month. This series pushes the boundary of ‘concert’ experience and reflects critically and creatively issues such as existence, belongingness, natural, artificial and technological force through sound. Detailed description of the concert and set up of each event can be found on the soundcloud page.

If you would like to attend the performance as 1 person audience, please RSVP to and we will send you further instructions. No previous preparation is necessary. The performance entry fee is donation based.