Sa 12.11.22

Going Places

ACUD GALERIE 16h → Exhibition & Screening

Going Places
SA 12.11, 16H ACUD Galerie
With works by:
Elisa Jule Braun, Ipek Burçak, Marta Djourina, Sarah Godfrey, Sophie Hilbert, Katharina Reich, Stefanie Schwarzwimmer, Stefania Smolkina, Babette Semmer, Sarah Loibl, Constanze Vogt, Miji Ih, Anna Roberta Vattes

GOING PLACES takes a trip through homes, cities, greens, and virtual spaces from Istanbul into the digital world. Engaging with these places and paths through artistic means makes us aware of social dependencies and personal narratives as well as symptoms of techno-capitalist politics.

At ACUD Galerie, the artists present a short film reel accompanied by a pop up exhibition. Visitors will be invited to join a moderated talk.

Elisa Jule Braun:
Ipek Burçak:
Marta Djourina:
Sarah Godfrey:
Sophie Hilbert:
Katharina Reich:
Stefanie Schwarzwimmer:
Stefania Smolkina:
Babette Semmer:
Sarah Loibl:
Constanze Vogt:
Miji Ih:
Anna Roberta Vattes: