Sa 12.3 — Fr 1.4.22

Emergency Gathering. Brave for love and the people fleeing Ukraine by P.L.U.R

ACUD GALERIE 15h → Talk & Club Night & Concert & Exhibition & Performance

Emergency Gathering. Brave for love and the people fleeing Ukraine by P.L.U.R
ACUD Galerie
SA 12.03.2022 - FR 01.04.2022
Opening Hours: THU-SUN, 15.00-19.00

Opening Event:SA 12.03, 15:00 - 03:00
Entrance: Donation, 5 euros recommendation.

Thank you very much for the support throughout this month and contributing to the Emergency Gathering fundraiser. Thanks to you we were able to collect 4.820 € at the door and the bar. 1.200 € were already sent to civilians in Ukraine and the rest will be distributed between Tubman, Bridge Over Borders and Casa Kua.

We can still keep helping, following next week with the online Emergency Gathering show. Meanwhile, you can support the cause by buying merchandise by Elif Seydam. Contact us at or instagram @acudgalerie. Thank you so much for your support. You can read more on the Emergency Gathering below, including the donation statement.


15:00 Doors open, Meet & Greet.
16:00 Ambient Liveset by Zenxen
17:00 Welcome talk by our host, Jos McKain
17:15 Collective Speech by Vitsche *
17:35 Psychological First Aid for All by Lana Loeser
17:55 Poetry by Hanne Lippard
18:15 LONG LIVE H3ARTCORE - sonic fiction by HASHIA
18:35 Light Meditation w/ Archangel Michael by Ingeborg & Brian
18:55 Edna Bonhomme’s essay “Migrating while Black (in Europe)”
18:55 Eddington Again
19:15 Cybernetics Anarchy by Lisa M Bador
19:45 The Gyroscope With Evil Above by Cru Encarnação
20:05 Andromeda Galaxy by L’Enfant
20:25 Poetry by Dinara Rasuleva
20:45 Crypto Q+A with Daniel Shinbaum, Ehua Kassi and Adina Glickstein
21:45 Untitled by Dmytro Zubyskyi
22:05 Weeeirdos
23:00 Vinvar
00:00 Yulav

This is an emergency gathering in response to a declaration of war. We recognize this as a moment of great consequence. Governments are systemically generating humanitarian catastrophes, the consequences of which we are seeing up close. This is an evening of communal empowerment through education on politics and economics as well as healing and information exchange. We gather in solidarity with the people of Ukraine to raise funds for the transport and housing of those fleeing the war. We assemble to understand how we arrived in this situation, and through these conversations we favor actions over intentions. We connect a selection of artists through artistic, poetic, philosophical, socio-economic, new-schools-of thought-anarchism, cybernetic and queer lenses. As we welcome refugees into our city, we support our growing community through visual art, performance, poetry and musical activations––collaborations on all levels fitting everyone's strengths and limitations within this emergency time frame.

This event will be held at Acud Galerie from March 12th until April alongside a broader online show, featuring both the artists in the exhibition as well as editions, prints and merch by more artists that are willing to collaborate. On March 17th or 18th, we will screen a selection of Ukranian feminist and queer films in the Acud Studio.

Donation statement:

The collected money will be used for transport, medicine, housing and food for the people already in Berlin and organisations in Ukraine, focusing on BIPoC, LGBQTIA+ and all other marginalized groups. Everything will be reflected in an open and public ledger. We are aware that the situation is constantly evolving and will therefore adjust to it’s changing needs. For the distribution of donations, we are using as a resource and guideline.

You can donate to our fundraiser in cash at the entrance and digitally via Paypal. Proceeds from the bar and catering will also add to the funds. Selected artworks in the exhibitions at ACUD Galerie and online are available for auction. A transparent list of donations and expenses will be continually available, shared and updated.

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Dinara Rasuleva @Pustotalitarism
Dmytro Zubyskyi @dmytrozsk
Edna Bonhomme @bonhomme read by Sydney Rabin @sydneyrabinn
Ehua Kassi @ehuakassi
Elena Vogman
Elif Saydam @ritchtigergary
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