Fr 4.2.22

Workshop: Ecosystems - Rehearsing Collectivity

ACUD GALERIE 17h → Workshop

Acud Galerie
FR 04.02.2022, 17H-20h
SA 05.02.2022, 13H-16h

Participation is free.
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The workshop Ecosystems - Rehearsing Collectivity helps in imagining new systems of living and co-creation. It strives for an exploratory community where natural and digital structures have an equal agency in regenerating human ones. We trace our fascination for nature and social states in complex existing ecosystems and experiment with fictional concepts or possible relations such as porous community, micro-empathy, or data cycles. We rehearse new scenarios through drawings, digital and physical objects, poetry, and choreography that lead us to a temporary collective ecosystem.

Dora Đurkesac is a Berlin-based author in the fields of design, contemporary dance, and new media art that she explores within temporary communities. Her work is shaped through archival, performative, and methodological research of social choreography, collective poetry, and hybrid ecosystems.

Accessibility Information:
The yard of ACUD GALERIE is wheelchair accessible. The venue has wheelchair-accessible bathroom. Nearest metro station with an elevator is U8 Rosenthaler Platz. Tram stops of M8 and M12 are near the venue. Only one of the exhibition rooms of the gallery is wheelchair accessible. The second room is connected with ten stairs. Wearing a face mask for the gallery visit is required and only a limited number of visitors are allowed at the same time. We are happy to answer more questions regarding accessibility.


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