Fr 24.1 — Sa 22.2.20

Pauline Canavesio & Jan Durina: HUMANTHIRST

ACUD GALERIE 18h → Exhibition

"HUMANTHIRST" is a collaborative project by two interdisciplinary artists - Pauline Canavesio and Jan Durina. The exhibition links their artworks in the form of video, sculpture, textile, photography, drawing and sound art. Canavesio met Durina during her BORA residency with Amplify Berlin in early 2019 and they have been continuously collaborating ever since.

The opening will be followed by a special club night at ACUD CLUB curated by the artists. More information coming soon!


... is a French multidimensional artist and musician. She explores inner universes by questioning realms of existence, emotions and its infinite portals. Her practice strongly investigate the core of human body, the connected current between our internal vibrance and the external frame of reality. She is a collector of refracted impressions that cruise through her chest, giving birth to an intimate ritual. Within her universe, interrogations don’t always have an answer, yet are reawakening sensorially. She morphs, sailing through different mediums that are intertwined, such as sound, painting, sculpture, digital, and performative formats. All these dimensions are the whisperers of Pauline’s essence, life and its waves.

... is a Slovak interdisciplinary artist who utilizes a diversity of medium to develop personas and grow the complex narratives they exist in. Through performance, photography, and sound Durina unfolds the nuance of each narrative, grappling with themes of loneliness, loss, the boundaries between nature and the body, and the distortions of the human mind as experienced within an ever developing gender and identity. Through this process Durina produces art works in the form of music, performance, film, and photography, seamlessly and confidently moving between exhibitionary to performance contexts.

EXHIBITION 24.1-22.2.20 ACUD Galerie
Opening Hours: DO-SA 16-21H
Pauline Canavesio & Jan Durina: HUMANTHIRST
Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin