Fr 25.1.19

How Can We Keep The Chaos?

ACUD GALERIE 18h → Exhibition

How can we keep the chaos is a collaboration project between UniArts - Academy of Fine Arts (Helsinki), Aalto University - Department of Art (Helsinki) and Univerisität der Künste - Art in Context (Berlin). The project will finalize with an exhibition taking place in ACUD macht neu, Projekt Raum in Berlin, January 2019.

As one of the very few remaining examples of cultural spaces invented after the fall of the Berlin wall in the 90s, ACUD as a place is performing the current situation of the field of art in this rapidly changing world. How can we keep the chaos takes the context of ACUD as a starting point. The project is a study of the possibility to take organic chaos, in the spirit of democracy and un-hierarchical decision making, as an essential part of an exhibition building process.


Misa Saito
Nika Grigorian
Santiago Calderon
Lijung Choi
Pablo Santacana
Minna Lund
Saara Mahbouba
Leonore Liebich
Ng Oi Ling
Lotta Esko
Zahrah Ehsan
Evangelos Androutsopoulos
Amanda Solorzano Ramon
Jo Kjaergaard
Onni Kuivalahti
Oskari Ruuska
Paula Ruusuranta
Salome Vähämäki
Danai Anagnostou


Dates: 24.1.-2.2.2019
Opening hours: Everyday 14-20H

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Free Admission

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