FR 25.1.19

How Can We Keep The Chaos?

Galerie 18h Exhibition

"How can we keep the chaos" is an exhibition and a series of performative events. We are looking for possible ways for artistic practice and production in current situation of cultural politics. To work in unhierarchical methods and playful way including the aspect of pleasure into the process as well.The project is a collaboration between Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki; Aalto University, Espoo and Universität der Künste, Berlin.

Dates: 24.1.-2.2.2019

Gathering and happenings Friday 25.1. 6 pm
Acud Galerie + Studio

Free Admission

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Morgen DO 17.1 Club 21h
Morgen DO 17.1 Studio 23h
Club Night
FR 18.1 — SA 19.1 Kunsthaus Acud 17h30
SA 19.1 Club 22h
Club Night
MO 21.1 Studio 18h
DI 22.1 Studio 19h
Concert & Performance