SA 28.7.18

Colorama Clubhouse Week

Galerie 18h Club Night & Concert

Release Weekend
28th of July
Book Release Party
with poster exhibition opening
DJ sets and visuals with Ruohan Wang & Molly Dyson
29th of July
Reading by Maren Karlson
+ special guest
Music drinks and hangout
All weekend BLOC BOOKS bookstand (with the finest selection of current comics and illustration zines, books and prints) and tattoos.
... is the second special summer edition of an ongoing collaboration project hosted by Aisha Franz and COLORAMA, publishing house and risoprinting-studio based in Berlin.
11 artists mainly working in comics and illustration were invited to join an intensive workshop in Berlin to collaborate on a book together with other 11 contributing artists from afar.
The participants in Berlin will be creating narrative work responding to poster illustrations which were handed in by the other participants before hand. The book including the work from all 22 artists will be (Riso-)printed, bound and released on this weekend!
This book is made possible with the generous support by RISO Deutschland and Salzer.
Poster contributions by:
Anna Deflorian, Boilingman, Cristina Daura, Conor Stechschulte, Griffin Riley Miller, Molly O' Connell, Mike S Redmond + Faye, Coral Johnson, Olivier Schrauwen, Sammy Harkham, Adèle Verlinden, Molly Dyson.
Berlin workshop guests:
Andrea de Franco, Chris Harnan, Erlend Peder Kvam, Jay Daniel Wright, Jul Quanouai, Liva Kandevica, Lucie Lucanska, Marie Weber, Marijpol, Saehan Parc, Zane Zlemlesa
More details soon will be announced soon.
Follow Clubhouse Week on instagram (@coloramaclubhouse) to get an insight into the whole process or follow @coloramaprint for the regular studio updates.
SA 28.7 // 18H + SO 29.7 // 16H
colorama presents:

the second special summer edition of an ongoing collaboration project hosted by aisha franz and colorama
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