Sa 19.11.22

Four walls of my room

ACUD GALERIE 19h → Performance & Screening & Talk

Four walls of my room
SA 19.11, 19H ACUD Galerie
Live acts:
21H, ACUD Club
Entry donation based

Live acts by eternal_lent, Kalibra Ekzem

Video works of Simin Stine Ramezanali, Shokoufeh Eftekhar, Schirin Charlot Djafar-Zadeh,Mahya Ketabchi, Arwina Afsharnejad & Daria Kozlova, Kani Lent

Lecture performance by Kasra Rahmanian

Within the four walls that form my room, this fortress which I have erected around my life and thoughts, my life has been slowly wasting away like a candle. No, I am wrong.
(Sadeq Hedayat, The Blind Owl)

Iranian artists are coming together in mutual exchange through live music performances by eternal_lent and Kalibra Ekzem, Simin Stine Ramezanali, video works by Shokoufeh Eftekhar, Schirin Charlot Djafar-Zadeh, Arwina Afsharnejad & Daria Kozlova and Kani Lent and performance lecture by Kasra Rahmanian at ACUD MACHT NEU on the 19.11.22 from 19H.


19.00 - ACUD Galerie Open

ACUD Club:

21:00 - Algorevolution by Kasra Rahmanian (performance lecture)
21:45 - From Tingbjerg to Tehran, Jin Jiyan Azadi! by Simin Stine Ramezanali (live set recording)
22:00 - eternal_lent (live)
23:00 - Kalibra Ekzem (live)

Schirin Charlot Djafar- Zadeh, (Vienna / Austria)
In her works, she poetically investigates cultural modification and human intervention in nature. She juxtaposes self-reflection to self-portrayal, self-discovery to self-modification. Her installation works question social conformity.
Djafar-Zadeh was exhibited, among others, at viennacontemporary Art Fair, Suzie Shride, Vienna, Making Out Chapter 2, Come Over Chez Maliks, Hamburg, Through Puberty To Success, Shore Gallery x Suzie Shride, Vienna, They Grow Up So Fast, (solo) Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin, SPEND SECONDS OF HAPPINESS, (solo show) Fonda, Leipzig, The Crossdresser & the Phoenix, NEVVEN, Göteborg, Forever 21, (solo show) Suzie Shride, Schirin Charlot Djafar-Zadeh, (solo show) New Home/Kammer Rieck, Berlin.

Shokoufeh Eftekhar (She/They) is a multi-disciplinary artist and social worker from Iran. They currently study Media Art at Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM), Germany. Since 2021 they are a member of Kotti-Shop project space in Kottbusser Tor, Berlin, Germany. Since 2022 They are scholars at Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation for their studies.
As they lived in several cities and the fact that she’s grown up with technology, led her to often identify themselves as a blue circle moving on a map, changing locations and seeking for answers of her questions. Their artworks are based on the process of her way to finding these temporary answers. Dealing mainly with the experiences of our digital bodies, the illusions of impermanence and virtual identity.

Kani Lent is an artist, writer and musician working and living in Berlin. In their art practice they are interested in metal, mythmaking, tech ontology and poetry amongst many. They work spatially across media and make noise music.

Arwina Afsharnejad and Daria Kozlova cordially invite you to simulated environments they build for resistance, solace and healing. Throughout their experiments in the framework of programming and machine learning Arwina and Daria critically examine entanglements of public order maintenance and violence. Their works revolve around memory as an agent of resistance, warfare in liminal spaces, fracture and repair. Arwina and Daria are part of Soft Witches collective.

abji_hypersun is the soloproject of visual artist and drummer Simin Stine Ramezanali, known from the quartet SLIM0 and co-founder of the Copenhagen based music platform and label UUMPHFF. abji_hypersun mixes fragments of d’n’b, untuned Persian classical instruments. Their music has a dramatic theatrical qualities, creating scenarios and scenaries for the listener to observe or lean into. New interpretations of Iranian love songs, hyper-gratitude, anger and mourning XXL - an emotional club vibe.
Their set will be dedicated to the on-going revolution, to all the people who have lost their lives, their loved ones, all political prisoners, the young ones and the protesters still fighting everyday. Jin Jiyan Azadi!

Kasra Rahmanian is an independent Berlin-based writer and curator.

Kalibra Ekzem is an artistic duo by shiw.wa and moraya. Their work combines sculpture, installation, live performance and DJing, cross cutting disciplines and genres like break beats, bass music, (hyper-) pop, experimental, metal and hiphop.

Curated by Kani Lent in collaboration with ACUD Galerie & Paula Durinova

Many thanks to Gabriela Matuszewska

Image by Kani Lent