Karma Ltd. Extended Radio Show #2: Variations On Time

During all its curatorial program, Karma Ltd. Extended had the opportunity to create a radio show on reboot.fm 88,4 MHz Berlin & 90,7 MHz Potsdam.

Variations on time is The third chapter of the exhibition program. During a Sunday Matinee dedicated to Various Temporalities, the performance ‘Cloud Chamber’ by Emilija Škarnulytė explored questions of the beginning of the universe in relation to the geological un-grounding processes, invisible structures, geo-traumas and deep time. Then Susanne M. Winterling joined the curator Pauline Doutreluingne for a talk about her recent work at view in ACUD gallery. Then at last, Kapwani Kiwanga’s film ‘The Sun Ra Repatriation Project’ has been screened.


Intro – Clock Ticking Sound
Marlene Stark – live Dj excerpt @ Club Cosmic
Eric Serra – Le Grand Bleu (1988)
Emilija Škarnulytė – Cloud Chamber Sound
MobileGirl – Forever ( Dirty K Remix )
Susanne Winterling – Dinoflagellates Sound
Marlene Stark – Dyssembler Radio #104 Berlin Community Radio
GIL – Many
Kapwani Kiwanga – The Sun Ra Repatriation Project (excerpt)
Sun Ra – Doors Of The Cosmos (1979)
Kapwani Kiwanga – The Sun Ra Repatriation Project (excerpt 2)
MobileGirl – DISCWOMAN 26
Kapwani Kiwanga – The Sun Ra Repatriation Project (excerpt 3)
LA Timpa – Blue Animal