Princess Century

Canadian musician Maya Postepski is quite a busy person. If she is not writing and recording music for her band Austra, Robert Alfons’ pop outfit Trust or her solo project Princess Century, she travels the world to collaborate with other musicians, play shows or DJ. Princess Century is the outlet for her genre-crossing experiments that take you on a journey through minimalist cosmic disco psychedelia, crossing through glacial poly-rhythmic territories soaked in dark dripping goo.

At ACUD Club, Maya is headlining the first edition of the TSF’16 warm-up. Opening the night is Montreal based Pascale Mercier aka Pascale Project, who plays charming and catchy songs. After party with the queen of Neukölln, Magic Island, and DJ Mona Lisa. We sent Maya five questions about food. Artist Page

You are a traveler. How do you find good restaurants in a new city?

I always ask the locals! Taxi drivers, friends of friends, or even put out a call online. I love traveling but there is nothing more disappointing that being in a great city and ending up in the wrong places. It’s hard to know when you’re an outsider, so I beg people to tell me about the most sumptuous delights.

What’s the best food experience you ever had?

Ouf, a very hard question to answer! I’ve been so lucky to eat all over the world, some good and some bad. The best for fancy food would be a tie between Nahm in Bangkok and Bondi’s Best Seafood in Sydney. I know I’m gonna read this and be like “why didn’t I remember blablabla” … this is what comes to mind at the moment. But there’s so many! Chez Paul and Huitrerie Regis in Paris! I also love me a good burger – my current fave is actually a local joint in Toronto called The Federal. And Mother’s Dumplings! bahhhh going crazy

You seem to spend alot of time with your music. What’s your most fav rehearsal/studio food?

There’s a place in Toronto called Ali Baba. It’s middle eastern, super fresh and pretty healthy. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with it but I go there religiously when I’m in town. Portable, delicious, and sustains you into the night (open till like 3am).

The best food artwork on a record?

I guess the obvious answer is Velvet Underground and Nico. Classic, beautiful.

Do you think plants know that they are being eaten?

Yes! In fact plants can scream. I watch a documentary about it. Very interesting. Plants are amazing – I love them and have quite good luck with keeping them in the house, they seem to be happy around me, maybe because I’m quite mellow.