Collective Practices meets Lisa Pettibone

One of the main projects running throughout COLLECTIVE PRACTICES will be the workshop series STORIES FROM THE FUTURE: Crisis as catalyst for carbon-neutrality., conceived and led by independent sustainability teacher, researcher, and writer Lisa Pettibone (Twitter @LisaPettibone). The workshop will evolve around the question of how we can — and must — work together to create a world where our grandchildren can thrive in view of the ongoing constant growth of greenhouse gas emissions, environmental pollution, diversity loss and global warming means. Using and connecting creative methods, forms, and media of storytelling and speculation with scientific knowledge, the participants will design artifacts from 2030: stories, poems, and songs; essays and articles; prototypes and sculpture.

This interview between Lisa Pettibone and curator Daniela Silvestrin creates a first “story from the future” (led as part of Lisa’s podcast series My Climate Diet,, as it is set in May 2030, pretending the workshop had to be postponed until then.

Here, Lisa and Daniela talk about what collectivity means both in view of global climate action in general and for the workshop in specific, what role storytelling and narratives (can) play in how we see and shape the world and future, and about the impacts of Corona on society, the environment, and (potential) global action.

Workshop Deadline Registration: June 1rst 6pm