The Dead Ladies Show FAQ

We are happy to announce the next Dead Ladies Show is on 13 October in the ACUD Club. The event series showcases fabulous women of the past and is hosted by Katy Derbyshire and Florian Duijsens, taking in anything from literature to cinema to engineering. You may have some questions. People generally do. So here it is: The Dead Ladies Show FAQ!


Yes, you heard right. We do a show celebrating ladies who were in some way fabulous during their lifetimes.

Why dead ladies?

Because we can’t afford to pay living ladies, and we were also a bit tired of all the celebrating of dead men that goes on. So it seemed a good idea to spread a bit of feminist love for forgotten favourites.

Who’s behind the show?

Your regular hosts are writer and editor Florian Duijsens, of SAND and Asymptote fame, and translator extraordinaire Katy Derbyshire. Plus two special guests every time, presenting dead ladies of their choice.

Can I come on stage? I have a dead lady I’m obsessed with.

If you want to share your passion for a deceased dame, we recommend you come along to one of the shows to see what you’d be letting yourself in for, and then ask us.

Any old dead lady?

We have a strict no Nazis rule, but if a woman achieved something impressive or created something amazing or is generally inspiring in some way and is now no longer with us, go for it. We want to remind people of the excellence of writers, artists, actors, directors, scientists, adventurers, political activists, musicians, composers, inventors, and any other women of note.

What about my grandmother?

If you want to stand on stage and talk about your grandmother for fifteen minutes, and you think she was impressive enough to interest other people, and you think you can make it entertaining, ask us.

Is there a dress code?

No. Obviously, we partly created the Dead Ladies Show as an excuse to buy new dresses, but it’s up to you what you wear. As long as you don’t mind other people being shamelessly overdressed, anything goes (although the no-Nazis rule applies here, too).

I don’t speak German/English. Will I understand anything?

The Dead Ladies Show is a bilingual extravaganza, like the Eurovision Song Contest but without the fake tan! So everyone will understand at least part of it, providing they speak either English or German. And there’s always the language of music, film, art…

I’m a man. Am I allowed to come along?

Yes. Men, too, may admire women of yesteryear.

Why is there a special drink every time?

We’re not quite sure how that came about, to be honest. But don’t you think it’s a good idea?

It’s Berlin, right? Do I have to turn up on time?

Yes! Otherwise we get really nervous waiting for people to arrive and end up imbibing too many of the special drinks before we go on stage, and that doesn’t make for a good show. Unless you’re Harald Juhnke, which we’re not.

Why is the Dead Ladies Show at ACUD?

Because we love ACUD! We’re thrilled that there’s still a centrally located venue that will let us do stuff like this. And we love hanging out with you all at the bar after the show. There was that one time when someone called the police, but that could probably have happened anywhere.

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