Heavy Rotation 15

Acud team’s last favorite tracks !

Wdsg? · BEA1991 · BEA1991
it’s sexy, it’s chilled and it also wakes you up – Saskia

Metro Boomin – 10 Freaky Girls [with 21 Savage]
21 savage likes spongebob too – Jason

Soap & Skin – Italy & [This is] Water
Soap&Skin transforms darkness into beauty.
[She´ll play in Berlin on April 13!] – Silvia

Mariah Carey – Giving Me Life [Audio] ft. Slick Rick, Blood Orange
Why I like it? It´s the diva. Featuring blood orange! – Niklas

Monna Lisa – Ivan Graziani
a song full of restrained madness. It is about stealing the Mona Lisa from the Louvre „torturing the screen with a razor and my nails“. – Johannes

William Basinski + Lawrence English – Selva Oscura
Endlich wird es nicht mehr hell. – Lukas

De Ambassade – Geen Genade
This 2 tracks EP is magic. De Ambassade is one of the artists I listen to the most at the moment, even if I don’t understand a word of Dutch haha!
(Side project of Dollkraut’s leader, a band I also love)” – Adèle