By the Lake Festival

Berlin’s very own radio station The Lake is celebrating its first anniversary these days. The project was found by the members of danish indierock outfit Efterklang and is open and welcoming to any curious ear. The contributions come from sound artists, journalists and in betweens from around the globe. Now this virtual space becomes physical. In less then two weeks The Lake is hosting the festival By The Lake Festival at Freilichtbühne Weißensee with live-performances by Omar Souleyman, Liima and Wildbirds & Peacedrums to name a few. We talked to co-founder Casper Clausen about the festival, the radio station and their connection to water.

The Lake is hosting a festival for the first time this year. Could you tell us more about the idea behind the festival?

The idea is to create something beautiful collectively, for the people we love. A day by the lake full of love and tasty smoothies

Is the festival connected to the radio station?

By The Lake Festival is physical, The Lake radio is virtual. We curated the music program with a direct inspiration from the music played on our radio. We will be broadcasting live and locally for the people attending the festival.

What’s the philosophy behind The Lake?

Radio can be a wonderful inspirator and a beautiful melting pot of all sorts and formulations of sound. We’re exploring the field and are loving surprises. The stream of The Lake is running all hours and is mainly based on an algorithm playing back the sound material we’re feeding it randomly. Hopefully it transcends.

To which performance are you looking forward the most?

Lonnie Holley is my personal highlight, that voice is an adventure.

The festival is taking place at Weißer See. What do you like about this lake?

Efterklang had their studio by the lake of Weißensee for years, it’s a special place for us, we made many new friends up there. By The Lake Festival is partly a gift to those people and the lake itself.

Do you have any special connection to water?

Yes I believe so. I’m an awfull swimmer though, I’m a Capricorn.

What’s the plan for the aftershow party at ACUD?

We’ll be hosting an afterparty in cooperation with one of our favorite clubs in Berlin. Those guys have a beautiful project going on, it’s probably the place I watched most of my favourite shows of the past years. Greg Gives Peter Space (Peter Broderick + Greg Haines) will open the night later to be transformed into a party with the help of our favourite DJ’s and your finest dancing shoes.

By The Lake Festival
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