deadHYPE is an audiovisual branding agency, creative and music collective from Berlin. Doing events, curation, and radio, they focus on building an open and local community around underground music and are now considered as heavy-weight curators of emerging music. They held residencies on Berlin Community Radio (DE) and Internet Public Radio (MEX), as well as exclusive mixes on Boiler Room, Radar Radio (UK), Seoul Community Radio (KR) and plays on BBC Radio 1 for their bootleg edits.

They even launched deadHYPE Radio, a geeky and tech-visual music channel which is curating mainly new artists from different genres. deadHYPE is turning the electronic dance music genre into a creative, inspiring platform for upcoming talents on an international scale. Championing BBG (beats, bass and grime), they fuse melodic R&B with dance music in their own sets.

We met DeadHYPE crew to talk about the launch of their new event series: 320KBS, in collaboration with Acud Macht Neu. The first edition will take place this friday december 7th in Acud. Expect high-energy, bass-heavy sets that mix underground from music from every corner of the world.

Is 320KBS* the chosen name of your new event series (in opposition to lossy music, used for faster downloading and hard drive savings) a claim for a more casual way for listening to music?

320KBS is common code for DJ’s looking for newness in their selection and also hinting at a club ready aspect, we wanted the DJs to have a space where they can really be free in their selections and show the depth of their taste as well as having a crowd that were really up for experimental with the genres.

It also refers to higher music quality and the higher the bitrate of a track is, the more space it will take up. How do you want to apply it to your new club night concept?

We want to create the perfect audio experience to listen to the music also so the crowd can really digest new sounds and find their new favourite DJ’s – we also take time to curate the DJ booth so there is really the perfect sound system surrounding them so they can enjoy their sets.

What is deadHYPE’s trademark ?

We always try to bring newness to the table, as we want to highlight artists on their skill oppose to social following or online contribution. Focusing on talented individuals who bring a sound that really breaks down genres

Tell us more about the line-up. What should we expect to hear in Acud Club on December 7th ?

We have some amazing artists international playing that all have extremely different sounds but aren’t afraid to really explore with their DJ sets.

Your last musical discovery ?

As we have the station deadHYPE radio, I get to hear so much new music daily but the last thing we discovered would probably be: Prince Rapid – Fresh & Clean

*Bitrate refers to the number of bits—or the amount of data—that are processed over a certain amount of time. In audio, this usually means kilobits per second.

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