The Filter Experiment

THE […] EXPERIMENT SERIES is a transdisciplinary open seminar organised by Occulto Magazine’s editor and publisher Alice Cannava in ACUD Studio space. Scientists and artists, professional and amateurs, curious nerds and hesitant passers-by are all warmly invited to a hybrid multiformats program – lectures, artist’s talks, performances, screenings, workshops, one-night exhibitions and more. Recurring lecturers and one-time guests will include hard and soft science researchers, historians and writers as well as visual artists, film directors, musicians and designers. Expect an informal situation, the possibility to develop a collective ongoing discussion, reports of each session with bibliographic references, good food and music.

Participating in the first experiment is American science writer RUSS HODGE who is currently working at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) in Berlin Buch. His work as author includes fiction, popular science and collaborative papers in peer-reviewed journals. Hodge will hold a lecture that will be followed by a screening of works by Italian, Berlin based film director GIUSEPPE BOCCASSINI. In between there will be a short break for food provided by Proper Meals. To give you the chance to properly prepare yourself for the night, Alice has gathered an inventory with quotes, clips, labels, links – and the recommended dresscode.


“Was kann ich wissen?” – Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, 1781-1787

“Scientists now know what no nose knows vs. what the nose knows but no nose knows that noses know” – Russ Hodge, title of the latest post in his blog Good Science Writing, May 2016

“In every battle it is the eyes that are the first to be subjugated” – Tacitus, Germania, 98 AD, ca., as quoted by Giuseppe Boccassini in his director’s notes about The Tin Hat, 2014

“Well I’ve always said, There’s nothing an agnostic can’t do if he really doesn’t know whether he believes in anything or not.” – from ‘Bells’, Monthy Python’s Contractual Obligation Album, 1980


Copyright 2016 Russ Hodge,

Teaser of The Tin Hat, a film by Giuseppe Boccassini, 2014


Personalized Labcoat
Astronaut or beekeeper suit


Scientific Models and Metaphors
Experimental Cinema
Plastic Jars
World War I
Low Resolution
Deep Sea
Noise and Information


The Experiment
Russ Hodge
Giuseppe Boccassini

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