Numero Group

Chicago’s Numero Group brings it’s massive catalog of obscure soul, disco, garage, latin, country, and more to Berlin for a two-day pop up store on Wednesday 17.10 and Thursday 18.10 at Acud Macht Neu. Browse through thousands of overstock LPs, CDs, 45s, and more at blow out prices. They will DJing in the Club on Wednesday Night with sounds from their sprawling collection.

We asked the label’s members about their excavation and restoration of outstanding music.

Do you consider Numero Group as sound archeologists, records surgeons or music investigators, or all of it together? Tell us more about the way you work.

Definitely not surgeons, but the other things, yes. Our process is to constantly be surveying new discoveries looking for the kernels of an interesting, fresh project.

Why shouldn’t vinyl enthusiasts miss your market at Acud?

We will have hundreds of different titles, some quite rare now. Virtually everyone, regardless of how well they think they know our catalog, misses a few of our titles. I don’t even have all the records!

You are also DJing in the Club. What are you going to play?

A selection of 45s either from future releases or projects we’ve just started to think about, plus dancefloor favorites and classic from our catalog.

We are fans of your record collection. What was your last sound discovery? How did you find it?

We’ve found some pretty amazing stuff in the Cuca archive, which we picked up in a huge box truck a few months ago. Many of the discoveries we make at any time are things we find in the archives we’ve already acquired!

And something philosophical for the end: Between the streaming and the tactile experience that you are preserving through your factory outlet and the Pop-up shops, how do you see the ideal way to listen to music in the future ?

We are very much archivists, but see no reason to micromanage the ways people actually enjoy their music. We want to make it available every way possible, in the most enjoyable configurations possible.