MI 17.10.18

Numero Group Vinyl Market + Party

Studio 12h Club Night & Other

Numero group label from Chicago brings its massive catalog of obscure soul, disco, garage, latin, country and more in berlin for 2-day sale.


MI 17.10
Vinyl Market 12-20H
Party 21H, Donation

Do 18.10
Vinyl Market 12-19H


For 13 years now, Tom Lunt, Rob Sevier, and Ken Shipley occupy themselves with the excavation and restoration of outstanding music that has been buried by time or unfortunate entanglement. Their label The Numero Group has thusly published more than 200 rarities, opaquely disparaged at the time of their first release mostly from the genres of Soul, R&B, and Blues. Its work assured musicians such as Catherine Howe and Syl Johnson some well-deserved fame and has already caught the eyes of the Grammy-Jury.

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Now SO 2.6 Studio 10h
Morgen DI 18.6 Club 19h
Morgen DI 18.6 Studio 20h
Talk & Performance
MI 19.6 Backyard 19h
Club Night & Concert
DO 20.6 Studio 20h
Concert & Performance
FR 21.6 Club 0h
Club Night