Karma Ltd. Extended Radio Show #1: Transcultural Transience

During all its curatorial program, Karma Ltd. Extended had the opportunity to create a radio show on reboot.fm 88,4 MHz Berlin & 90,7 MHz Potsdam.

Transcultural Transience is the second chapter of the curatorial duo. The gallery hosted a site-specific and process-oriented performance series with he newly commissioned durational works, “The Rehearsal of the Futures – Is the World your Friend?” by Isaac Chong Wai and “Olympia” by Rachel Monosov. Listen to their talk towards large-scale gatherings, from demonstrations to the Olymic Games.


RUI HO – Theia Impact
Bill Conti – Power
Trailer ‘Olympia’ by Leni Riefenstahl (1983)
INRA (Philipp Rhensius & Adam Ben Nun) – Olympia Performance sound:
Isaac Chong Wai – Protest Sound Berlin
Black Cracker – Satellite
Booba – DKR
RUI HO – Shrine of Lamali
Slavs and Tatars on the link between East and West, interview by Culture.pl
Mohau Modisakeng Final (Youtube interview)
Black Cracker ft Nu Zia – Chain Smoking On A Friday

© Anneli von Klitzing