New Music from the Russian Underground

In preparation of the talk and screening on the electronic music scene in Moscow and the “New East” in the Studio this upcoming sunday, 31st of January, we’d like to share two mixes featuring music from the Russian underground by musicians Buttechno and Chikiss. Both musicians will participate in the talk alongside Timothy George Kelly, maker of the documentary “Johns’ Kingdom,” and Henning Lahmann of No Fear of Pop.

BUTTECHNO is the moniker of Pavel Milyakov, a young music producer from Moscow and one of the keyfigures of the local underground scene. He is one of the founders of Johns’ Kingdom, a community, cassette label, strange sect, and occasional party series.

CHIKISS is a singer, song-writer and composer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. From 2015 based in Berlin. One of the most productive and versatile artists on nowadays Russian electronic scene, alone and in collaborations, she has recorded an impressive amount of simply amazing music. Played in a plenty of bands and acted on numerous festivals and in clubs all over the world.

The event is part of transmediale + CTM Vorspiel 2016 and the start of the ACUD MACHT NEU studio sessions. Please find the full Vorspiel program here: transmediale CTM