Synergy همکاری Hevkari التعاون Sinergia

This Thursday we are happy to welcome the art collective Synergy at ACUD Club. The founders are seeking for interaction and union: They want to create something greater and to bring people together, ignoring boundaries, stamps and nations. And they also love to spell their name in various languages: Synergy dhex узаемадзеянне 協同效應 sức mạnh tổng hợp סינרגיהвзаимодействиe სინერგია взаємодія փոխազդեցություն التعاون Isku.

The night at ACUD will consist of a concert, curated jam session, and a party with DJs that through their selection and state of mind reflect the ideals that they collectively cherish. They are inviting all of you to collectively sing, dance and to listen to the sounds filled with diversity. We asked the founders five questions about Synergy.

How many languages do you speak?

Although we recognize the importance of linguistic skills, from our experience the language barrier has never stopped us from connecting with people of many different cultures and nationalities. When certain people share the same frequency, one can always find a way to communicate. While looking for this frequency level, we usually turn to music and dance. We speak only few languages, but our events are open for everyone, wherever they are coming from or going to, that’s why we try to suggest this openness through multilingual name.

In every edition we try to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and origins, because as a Collective we always try to build a bridge between certain concepts, that from our perspective can interact with each other and together create something new and exciting.

This time we joined forces with Between Us, a non profit independent organization, which began as an Arabic language library – seeking to increase mutual visibility and knowledge between Arabic and Western culture through literature – has expanded its activities to also include diverse cultural and artistic events and activities in it’s space and beyond, such as feminist self-defence classes, theatre workshops and music events such as We Belong to Music jam session, that is going to take place in ACUD this Thursday.

What’s the message of the night you’d like to send into the world?

Time seems to be quickly passing from the moment we started, but our message becomes more and more relevant. With the rise of nationalistic movements, racism, bigotry, xenophobia, sexism, greed and ignorance, it is extremely important to pave another, positive path, to join forces and to look for answers to many problems that humanity faces today. Our goal is to create a safe space for self-expression and freedom, to link seemingly different minds, spark the idea of universal consciousness and to bring people together through music.

Can you tell us more about your collective? When did you start?

We started last winter, in February, by organizing an event to support refugees and migrants staying in Warsaw through celebration of music of all cultures. Our collective outcome was approx. 1 600 euros, which was an enormous help for the Polish Migratory Forum and this sum covered work of professional advisors in legal issues for those in need.

Since the very beginning, as cultural workers and activists, we wanted to combine our passion for music with taking a stand in matter we care about. We feel responsible for the surrounding reality as much as we believe in human potential and power of collective actions.
Synergy in it’s every edition aims to have a positive, locally-oriented social impact. That’s why we would like to concentrate on supporting those in need through gathering funds and involving local communities and musicians, to bring them all together in a beautiful way.

Who are the people performing?

Carefully chosen curators from different parts of the world – DJ’s and musicians that through their sound selections and state of mind reflect the ideals that we collectively cherish. You’ll hear melodies that traveled all the way from Beijing to Berlin, from Syria to Europe, even from a distant place in time in Persia and are now re-constructed by musicians from 6 different countries. All their paths met in Berlin – for us, that symbolizes the possibility of the coexistence of people of all nationalities, religions and cultures in one place. Synergy aims to honour this diversity and celebrate the union of music and freedom.

Will there be future events?

This is only the beginning. Our next stop: Warsaw.

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