Open Call for Curators

The artistic and cultural series COLLECTIVE PRACTICES is an ongoing program at ACUD Macht Neu. We are currently accepting applications for a curator to join the team on a project-specific basis from August 2020 through January 2021. Responsibilities include: coordinating activities, operating within budget, and participating in the collaborative development of the program.

COLLECTIVE PRACTICES is a series that examines “collective practice” as it relates to artistic creation, cultural organizing and social coexistence. Together with all participating players, we, a team of cultural producers, are researching, discussing, understanding and practicing collectivity across four thematic explorations (#NARRATIVES / #KNOWLEDGES / #CARE / #RESISTANCE) and approaching questions such as: What can “collective practice” mean, and how can we better practice collectivity – both in artistic production as well as in social life? How can diverse viewpoints be included in narratives and knowledge production, and shape collective approaches? How can we gain a more collaborative approach to living and working? How can we create and sustainably organize spaces and structures for temporary and long-term communities? How can we experiment within the cultural-artistic realm to inspire community-oriented and equitable thought and action on a broader level?

Discussing these questions requires the inclusion of diverse perspectives. Many of the projects launched and planned thus far focus explicitly on highlighting and amplifying underrepresented voices in mainstream (white and Western) discourses. To avoid perpetuating this underrepresentation in the structural setup and competencies of the program, we particularly welcome and encourage applications from BIPOC curators.

Applicants should be fluent in English (spoken and written) and based in Berlin (or able to meet with the team here regularly).

Please apply by Friday, 24 July, describing your curatorial practice and fields of interests, as well as your interest in joining and collaborating on COLLECTIVE PRACTICES, along with your bio or CV by email to

For more information about the project, please visit