Majical Cloudz

Devon Welsh could be best described as being a poet. Not only in the sense, that the written text is crucial to his work. The way he designed his band Majical Cloudz reminds you of the way you would write a poem. Very carefully he composed it out of music, text and performance. And like a poem it opens up a space for interpretation. What’s art? What’s real? It’s this tension that creates the Majical Cloudz aura.

Devon Welsh has a strong connection to the scene centered around the label Arbutus Records. He started Majical Cloudz in 2010. Two years later instrumentalist Matthew Otto joined the project. Together they released two albums: Critically acclaimed “Impersonator” and “Are you Alone” which they gonna present November 25th at ACUD. Opening the night is London based solo artist Jason Harvey. The evening is presented by Never Work, Shameless/Limitless and No Fear of Pop. We asked Devon four questions about his pop idol.

Who is your god?

Why and when did you start believing?
Hard to say when, I can’t really remember. Why, why not?

What are the commandments?
Selflessness, love

Does he/she allow other gods?
There aren’t any others