Meghan Edwards

Meghan Edwards is a performance artist based in Berlin. Meghan grew up in Los Angeles where she curated the glamorous Top40 underground art and started making music under the moniker Miss M.E. In LA and later in Berlin she collaborated with various dancers and musicians such as Ariel Pink, Dev Hynes and Moon Wheel. At the end of the last year she changed her stage name to “Harmony Horizon” to bring her music to the next level.

Significant to Meghan’s stage work is not only the strong interplay between music, dance and dress. As well, her performances are in a constant metamorphosis. And since Meghan is a person who is very much connected to herself, we asked her to tell us ways to encourage a more tranquil and happy state of mind. Enjoy with us five mindful exercises by Meghan Edwards.


I love taking eucalyptus leaf, rose and chamomile flower pedal baths with lavender and copal essential oils and sea salt while burning sandalwood, with lots of candles set in a sonic landscape of an amalgamation of Tibetan chanting monks rainforest field recordings and the hypnotic recorded haunts of Dolphins whales and icebergs cracking underwater.


One of the best ways for me to connect to myself and also feel beautiful in my body is by singing and dancing naked at home alone to Sade, Cocteau Twins, Clan of Xymox, and the “cheesy shit” that I guiltlessly love like Phil Collins and fun girl groups from the 60’s and the fast synthy Screamers type bands and all the aggressive gothy post punk jams that make you wanna pillow fight with the walls and wriggle all over the floor like you’re being possessed by a spirit or whatever …?


A quick 10min Harmony Horizon “Exorcise in Mindfulness:”
1. First check to see how equally distributed the weight is between your right and left sides either in your chair if your sitting or on your feet if your standing, or if your lying down.
2. Take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and out your mouth (if no one is around feel free to really let your breath go and even make an “ahhhhh” sound)
3. Then, close your mouth and breathe normally but notice your breath. Is it fast and short? Is it long and calm? breathe without judgement simply breathe and relax tour tongue and jaw.
4. Gently relax your shoulders down and back, away from your ears.
5. Let your eyes gaze be soft and your mouth hold a slight smile.
6. Bring your attention back to the breath – silently ask yourself, “how do I feel, physically – emotionally?
7. Now watching the inflow and outflow of the breath and let the breath be calm like gently filling a large vessel with water and gracefully poring it out.
8. Fill your lungs breath and gracefully poor it out.
9. Notice the tension in your body and imagine it is captured by warm liquid light of blue honey. Place the blue honey wherever you have tension- is it in your shoulders or lower back? In your feet or hands?
10. Connecting to your highest self, let all of the tension melt out of your body in the honey.
11. Watch and feel the blue light fall down into the ground and witness your lightness and the effortlessness of being.
12. Now that you are calm and the tension has left your body release your thoughts and busy mind.
13. Release your distractions, and yesterday’s echoes, momentarily let go of today’s todo’s and tomorrow’s problems.
14. For 5-10min repeat silently in your mind the mantra “my essence is at ease, my essence is at ease, my essence is at ease” over and over replacing your thoughts with mantra. “My essence is at ease” replacing the distractions of the day with the mantra “my essence is at ease” replacing the sounds around you with the mantra “my essence is at ease.“
15. Close your eyes if you can and repeat the mantra – if the thoughts or sounds or distractions come in just tell them the mantra – have them sit with your or stand with you or lay with you and teach them the mantra


NATURE! I’m from the U.S. and was raised on the beaches of California and the Mountains of Montana. That said living in Berlin has obviously changed my access to the ocean, and the big sky mountains. Berlin city life has a very special aesthetic of braiding brutalist concrete architecture to willow trees wrapped along a river of swans. There are so many benefits to just walking outside and looking up – walking with your eyes forward gazing softly, and making a point to appreciate every piece of beauty, every breath of life, and honoring the wilting roses as they pass into their final moments. Walk slowly, without judgment, sing silently to yourself your favorite songs, and smile.


Respect your roots. I do my best to make the most of everyday, by allowing myself to be where I am today without expectation or internal criticism. I’ve been taught and guided by a hand fulls of incredible women and spiritual sisters (such as: my mother the most beautiful White Witch Jewels, my dear friends- poet and yogi Kati Knox, – the dancing spiritual guru Diana Garcia, – Medium, mother, musician Diva Dompe, – artist Labanna Babylon, to name a few) in how to be a woman of grace and beauty. how to be compassionate and strong. How to forgive and be grateful for everything, and most importantly (for me) how to love myself as I am now, imperfections and all.

In order to stay focused and grounded in these teachings I try to spend at least an hour a day honoring my roots. (As well as my body which is in a minimum of 15min yoga and 20min meditation first thing every morning)

This grounding exercise consists of researching the women in my extended network who are making inspiring art and fearlessly taking risks to be as the are – this week I pay homage to: Ta-Ha, Amber London, India Salvor Menuez, and Ashely Huizenga.

Acknowledging my Native American Cherokee blood by researching our stories and occasionally fantasizing that I’m an Indian princess has helped me to feel connected to myself and with a less alienated outlook, as I’m new to this country and this world – we are all alone and we are all together connected to being, as unique freaky individuals.

Love yourself as you are, let the light that shines on you, shine through you, onto all you see. Thank you for taking this time with me, now please take a moment for yourself and smile.

Photo: Lou Noble