Lucas Gutierrez

A few days ago, we had the chance to meet Lucas Gutierrez, Argentinian Digital Artist and Industrial Designer based in Berlin, member of Fungo (Lisbon) as the Video Content Director and part of Selam X (Berlin). Lucas will bring his knowledge for the first Amplify Berlin Workshop: 3 days of AV / VJ & Projection Mapping – open to public and to all skills levels – next week on April 24, 25, 27 in the Acud Studio from 10-15H.

Hey Lucas, Nice to meet you! We are happy to have you as the first host of the Amplify Berlin workshop series. What can people expect from those 3 days?

What participants should know about this workshop is that’s not like an online tutorial. We are not going to sit and watch my cursor moving on the screen during 3 days. We’ll jump directly to the point by doing specific exercises. Learning how to create visuals, synchronized them with music, use some midi controllers and we’ll have some practical video mapping sessions. During the workshop, the participants will be introduced to the live performance capabilities of softwares such as Modul8 & Madmapper. And everyone will get full temporary licenses of both software. This workshop will definitely contribute and improve your live performances and shows/installation ideas.

To define your creative process, you often speak about “a digital schizophrenia” as your work always navigates in designing de-composition, remixing culture and diving into a panel of media cultures. Could you describe your aesthetics and tell us more about your daily visual references?

Content Indifference, Installation, apertoraum Berlin.


I think the way I collect and read information had influenced on my aesthetics. It’s a bit chaotic and extremely colourful from time to time.

Lately, I’m working a bit more in 3D and my daily visual references are mainly coming from game engines software like Unity3D or Unreal. On the other hand, I’m still wondering if my industrial design formation has a role in this.

An unexplored topic or field that you would like to work on in the future? What are your upcoming projects?

I would like to explore more the “visual music” field/concept. By questioning the technologies we use for creating links between audio & video, I think we could get more than those “classic” audio-reactive results.

Towards my upcoming projects: I’m constantly updating my AV shows. It feels like a never ending story and I hope to finish my new album later this year.

Applied Autonomy, artwork & live visuals, collaboration with Robert Lippok.


You have lately collaborated with Robert Lippok (Mentor of Amplify Berlin in January) on his new album “Applied Autonomy” for which you also did the cover artwork. How did you build this duo audiovisual performances?

Before the album was released, we’d already been talking about a possible collaboration. By the end of 2018, he invited me to perform together and we ended up on stage for the premiere during DAVE festival in Dresden. 🙂

I think this duo owes to the talks we had about the album’s imaginary and I like a lot the way we build an audiovisual language without talking too much about the tools we use. That represents a lot of freedom in the creative process and that’s gold for me. I hope Robert can join us during this workshop. I’ll be happy to share and talk about it over the course.

Lucas Gutierrez The Workshop