Karma Ltd. Extended Radio Show #5: Do We Need A Feminist Populism?

During all its curatorial program, Karma Ltd. Extended had the opportunity to create a radio show on reboot.fm 88,4 MHz Berlin & 90,7 MHz Potsdam.

In the course of the Chapter#5: Brauchen wir einen linken Populismus? (Do We Need Left-Wing Populism?), Margarita Tsomou and Karma Ltd. Extended made a discussion round on 8.7.2018 and brought together feminist organizations, people interested and involved in feminist topics starting with the question, if a feminist populism is needed? If so, how would it look like and what would it mean?


Inga Zimprich (Feminist Health Care Research Group Berlin)
Zofia Nierodzinska (Arsenal Municipal Gallery Poznan)
Diana Arce (Black Lives Matter Berlin)
Lisa & Lisa (Interventionistische Linke)
Federica Bueti (independent writer, art critic and curator)
Kerstin Wolte (Co-founder of the alliance for the Frauen*kampftags-demonstration)
Elena Agudio (artistic co-director Savvy Contemporary)

© Anneli von Klitzing