CP Meets - Party Office / With Fadescha

Andrea Goetzke from COLLECTIVE PRACTICES met artist-curator Fasdesha who is running Party Office – art and social space in New Delhi.

Party – is a political group with certain ideologies and agendas. Party- is an act which seems to be only a leisure activity, rather becomes a site for building relationships, friendships, thinking together, and to be able to “do nothing” in a safe company. Office- is a place of work; it is an architecture where work is performed. Office here is interested to deconstruct gendered organizational methods, to reconsider how we approach work and occupation. Within global and local contexts, ‘radicalized and marginalized bodies’ are those that have been subjected to hegemonic oppression and suffer under direct, institutional, and cultural forms of violence. We believe that effective countering by queering hegemony must include consciousness of class, caste, gender, sexuality, and forms of segregation and ‘Othering’ present within the socio-political techno landscapes of India and the World.

Party Office is hosted by Vidisha-Fadescha, an artist-curator working across arts and cultural disciplines. They focus on collaborations, collectives and experiences as a norm-critical pedagogy to Queer hegemonies. Vidisha has organized residency programs, alternative art spaces, intersectional queer and feminist projects. As an artist they have a multimedia practice and have exhibited widely. Fadescha is also a DJ, a sound artist and an event host at clubs and other informal gatherings.


Soil-to-Soil Meal
MI 19.8 From Delhi
Invite only online event
cooking, eating, and composting lunch hosted by Party Office in collaboration with “The Millet Kitchen”, a home and kitchen in Jaipur (India)

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