Arrogance Part II

14 July marks the start of our new club series dedicated to rap and electronic music from France called ARROGANCE. Spinning records are Luc Le Truc of the Hamburg sister series “Je danse donc je suis” and Berlin based producer and DJ M.A.R.E.C. Here’s the second playlist for you compiled by Luc Le Truc this time bringing you pop and electro tunes à la français. Vive l’arrogance plûtot que la France!

If you missed the 80s in real, don´t worry – thanks to Corine you can relive them in a purity that makes fading to grey the neonpink eyeshadow not only of all wannabe retroacts but also of many original ones. And Corine lets out no detail: her name gives you the link to the proper drug to use while dancing to her songs.

A prime example of a new generation electro-synth-pop in france with a dark and hypnopathetic sound. Like Corine they fell as a child in the big 80ies-pot that their parents forgot to lock up properly. But compared to her, they added some new electronic gear they found ín the room of their elder siblings. Sadly a video that doesn´t fit at all to the music´s atmosphere.

Bagarre are like the white trash cousins from Perez and the younger siblings from Grand Blanc. They not only know how to mix most effective lots of genres (“Ça va des sound system jamaïcains au punk, en passant par le rock, la house, le rap français et la techno.”) they also know how take all new street codes to extremes – including the almighty Russenhocke.

And here we go with the parents. A fake german-french couple. It was ’85 and they already completely knew what the 80ies were about.

No electro? No Rap? Come on. Funkyness knows no boarders – even musicwise.

A parisien duo and members of Mawimbi (means in Swahili “Waves”) – a DJ-crew and since 2013 also label which focuses on electronic music with african influences. Sometimes a bit ethnokitschy but mostly very hypnotic, organic and powerfull!

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