Acud Macht Neu Selected 2017

William Basinski in the Studio
The System Out Sound Residency with Will Bankhead and Call Super
DJ Katapila
The launch of our DJ workshop program No Shade
Carsten Nikolai’s DJ set for the launch of the magazine documnt

Winning the Projektraumpreis 2017!!!
Our beloved Dead Ladies
The first ACUD Meme
Klaus Lederer speaking in the Studio
Lolina aka Inga Copeland live

Posh Isolation feat. Croatian Amor
Volüspa takeover at the Gallery
Jakob Kolding’s Exhibiton and Wolfgang Tillmans DJing for his opening party
Fracto – experimental film festival
Sky Walking with Phillipp Sollman+Gürtler

FAKA live
Marian Wallace and V. Vale at Sounding Images 08
Backyard Summer 2017 edition
Naama Arad’s exhibition
Hannes’ Mini Quiches