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LIVE STREAM: Laboratoire Kontempo Miziki: Les Miraculeux

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Les Miraculeux
Concert by Lova Lova and EP release - Mokili Na Poche (The World in Your Pocket)
by Lova Lova & Atelier Kamikazi feat. Delta Force & Bernard Morisson, Dix balles, Franc congolais, Banque du sang & Banque mondiale, Ozé (Oyo Projects)
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2019 – a group of street children gathered around the artist Lova Lova to form the Atelier Kamikazi and record «Mokili na poche».
Bernard Morisson, Delta Force, Franc congolais, Dix balle, Ozé, Banque du sang et Banque mondiale are between 10 and 18 years old, they are «shégués», sons of soldiers, orphans or accused of being «child sorcerers».
Music is for them a game they are trained in by the artist Lova Lova and his musicians. Creation is also a real way to make their voices heard and to change the way they are viewed. With « Mokili Na Poche » (The World in the Pocket), they talk in a funny and provocative tone about the difficulties encountered in their daily lives, about rivalry, politics, sexuality, and survival. The rhythms are inspired by the urban culture of Kinshasa, marked by the childrens’ sound inventions and carried by Lova Lova’s musical frame made out of electro-congorock, afropunk, ragga, and hip hop. This allowed the kids to spit their warlike rap, street gang style, but also to pray and bless, carried by a specific sharp undertone of rage and hope. These kids know they are fucked – and they fuck back.
The « Mokili Na Poche » project was conceived and produced by Oyo Projects in collaboration with Lova Lova and supported by the Swiss Embassy in Kinshasa. The independent art spaces Bomoko Connexion and Double Vision are also partners, hosting workshops and rehearsals.

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