Fr 1.2.19

Stay Small, Be True

ACUD CLUB 22h → Club Night

Big city dreams at ACUD Club: Stabil Elite core dandy, BAR associate and Salon Des Amateurs resident Lucas Croon performs his mesmerizing new TFGC EP „Ascona“ and more club driven pop-not-pop live. After and before his persuasiveness Themes For Great Cities svengali Rearview Radio will grant fierce rhythms from unsung spheres. ML follows his path to the heartbreaking nowhere land. Come and vibe!


Lucas Croon [Themes For Great Cities] Live
Rearview Radio [Themes For Great Cities]
ML [NTS/Müstique]


No country, no flag – Stay Small, Be True says Hello at Acud Club for a bi-monthly residency featuring live and logged sideways sounds. Come and vibe to acute rhythm physicality, ecstatic psychoacoustic tension, dubbed-out ritualistic drones and synthesized mechanical frequencies.

Admission: 5€

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