Bunny Michael

Bunny Michael is an artist, soundmaker, spiritual being from NYC. They’re originally from Texas and moved to New York for school where they began to be drawn to music as their main medium for artistic expression. Through their rap project Bunny Rabbit a new agenda of “universal healing, self love, and psychedelic wisdom” began to take shape and come into focus (which in turn led them towards other forms for expression). Now you may also know Bunny from their instagram account which provides daily/weekly spiritual guidance and healing. Bunny has a new E.P. out called “AFTERLYFE”, a book called “Me and My #Higherself”, they can be found of course on instagram and their countless other projects can be caught up with through their website.

We met (virtually) during their European tour right before their show at ACUD, read on to meet them too.

Hi Bunny! I think the work that most people are familiar with of yours are your music and your memes. Can you tell us about the connection between them? How do you see them as being part of the same practice/a translation of the same instinct between different media?

My music has always been a narrative of the journey to higher consciousness and spiritual growth. The memes just use language thats more literal. I guess you could think of my music as the dream state compared to the waking state of the meme writing. Same lessons though.

In all your work, you are bringing a service to, and offering care to your community. Does it ever feel too much/too draining? Where do you look for spiritual healing/uplifting for yourself?

The truth is like many people I struggle daily to find my light. Its so easy to forget we are the divine. That we shine endlessly. That hatred and fear is an illusion. The work that I do has been nothing but extremely healing for me. I can see we are all one. We all are in a different place in our journey. We all need to uplift each other. We get better at it everyday even if we don’t see that yet. In some ways I do put a lot of pressure on myself to be there for people and I never feel like I can do enough. There’s so much work to do! Then I remember I am enough. And I go back to that place of presence and I see this is just my journey. I can’t judge it. I surrender and take it moment to moment.

Have you always been so connected to your spirituality/prioritized it? How did that journey start?

The spiritual journey starts from birth and beyond. The growing awareness of that journey I think began for me when I was a teenager. I was coming out as queer and taking lots of LSD. I was having an emotional breakdown and panic attacks all the time. I felt totally abandoned by everything I had called home before. Thats when I started searching for my true home.

What are you listening to while you’re on the road?

Binaural beat meditations on youtube. Fever Ray. Ram Das lectures. Coughs and sniffles from my cold. Nina Simone and the snow hitting the window.

What’s your vibe/feeling from Berlin?

quiet but in anticipation

How are you finding this tour?

totally transformative

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