MI 6.12.17

Anddra Showcase

Club 20h Concert

Andrra and !K7 present a free live show at ACUD plus DJs opening and closing the evening.
... (Fatime Kosumi) makes sophisticated electronic music (produced by PC Nackt from Apparat) to soundtrack her heartstopping renditions of lyrics taken from folk songs originally sung to young girls being sent into arranged marriages.
Most rural women in Kosovo were never sent to school. These lyrics tell a fragment of their story and the story of many other women around the globe cut out from the means of signification; unable to pass down their stories other than through song.
Andrra's only release to date is 2017's debut EP PALINË, which is based on the story of 14-year-old Palinë, who is being married off by her family. 'Kalle Llamen', the lead single from the release, went to no.1 in Kosovo after extensive nationwide radio airplay, and brought Andrra to national television for interviews and performances.

MI 6.12 // 20H // FREE
!k7 presents
sophisticated electronic music produced by pc nackt from apparat
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