SA 16.12.17

Shoegazer Berlin 2017: The Autumn Sighs, Jaguwar, Linda Guilala, Antonio Zelada

Club 20h Concert

Record Release of the 12“ Mini Album „GREEN“ by The Autumn Sighs on Dreams Never End Records. Arranged by Dreams Never End Records and Smuf.
THE AUTUMN SIGHS [Siegen/Germany]
JAGUWAR [Berlin/Germany]
“The Autumn Sighs“, ist eine Shoegaze-Band aus NRW, die sich im Jahr 2010/ 2011 formierte. Gespielt werden ausschließlich selbst komponierte Stücke. Bisher wurden zwei EP`s veröffentlicht (sprig ep & branches). Die Band besteht aus Ulrik (Gitarre), Katha (Gesang/Gitarre) und Denis (Schlagzeug), denen es in ihrer Musik gelingt, eine verstörende „Wall of Noise“ mit süßer Melancholie zu vereinen und jedem Stück seinen eigenen Fingerabdruck zu verleihen. Beeinflusst ist die Musik von Bands der 90er Jahre wie Lush, Slowdive, Ride oder auch My Bloody Valentine. Im September 2016 veröffentlichten sie ihre zweite EP „branches“, über diese es bei „“ ein ausführliches Review gibt. Da das neue 12“ Mini Album „GREEN“ von The Autumn Sighs am 16.12.17 veröffentlicht wird, feiern sie zusammen mit dem Berliner Recordlabel „Dreams Never End“ und natürlich EUCH auf dem Shoegazer Berlin 2017 zudem noch einen Record Release, was kann es schöneres geben!
… began life as a trio, formed in Berlin by Oyèmi and Lemmy in 2012. Their drummer Chris signed up in 2014 to complete the current line-up. Thus far they have released two EPs on the US label Prospect Records and have played countless shows in the UK, Denmark, France, Serbia, Germany and beyond. They have shared the stage with acts like We Were Promised Jetpacks, Japandroids and The Megaphonic Thrift, resulting in many happy faces and ringing ears. In 2017, armed with an impressive array of effect devices, guitars, bass and amps, backed up by a prodigious supply of coffee and cigarettes, they decamped to the Tritone Studio in the idyllik environs of Hof, Bavaria, to record what would become “Ring Thing”. Typically for the genre, they crafted layer upon sonic layer. No less typically, deadlines were not always adhered to. But it has been well worth the wait: more noise than ever and even more pop. “Noise & detail” is how the band describe their sound. “Ring Thing” is a shimmering, reverberating, crashing monolith of an album. Jaguwar sway from combining saccharine pop with Amphetamine Reptilien noise to sounding like a serendipitous encounter between The Cure, My Bloody Valentine and Ride. Prepare to expect the unexpected from their meandering song structures. Successfully unshackled from their paragons, the trio's sui generis sound is destined to be heard all over the world. At thunderous volume!
After the split of Juniper Moon at the end of 2005, Ivan (former drummer and founder of the band) and Eva (the keyboard player who performed with the band in their last few shows), started their new adventure under the name of „Linda Guilala“. After a time working on new and old songs they published “Bucles infinitos” (Elefant, 2009). Twelve songs in which they combined shoegazers atmospheres with that maximum freshness in their tunes and twee passion with wishes for the most classic pop, the luminous techno-pop with that irremediable punk touch. Their influences go from My Bloody Valentine or Ride to the classicism of The Wedding Present or the elegance or melancholy of Pale Saints. In 2014 they published a new EP in 10” transparent vinyl: "Xeristar" (Elefant, 2014). Six new compositions, intense, electrifying, ranging from the furious to the narcotic, that sound like Los Planetas, Clinic and the most spatial and ultrasonic Spiritualized. Reminiscences of The Charlottes and echoes of Beach House. The presentation of “Xeristar” let them play in numerous venues and festivals throughout the country, sharing line-up with The Primitives at an Elefant party and inviting them to play in two indiepop festivals in Germany (Berlin & Cologne). Currently they continue playing with the help of Mari (Visceral Eyes) on the guitar for their live performances, while they are working on new songs that will be published very soon.
This year 2017 has been the return of the band to live shows, sharing stage with Slowdive in Lima, after having played with The Cure at the National Stadium in Peru in 2013. Robin Guthrie, founder and guitarist of the mythical Cocteau Twins, produced their last album Pleamar. It was presented with The House of Love and The Jesus & Mary Chain in Lima. The band has gone on tour promoting their album Pleamar, as well as their two previous albums, playing at festivals like SXSW in Austin, Texas in 2010 and 2011, Culture Collide Festival in Los Angeles in 2012, etc., as well as tours in different cities in North America and South America. In Lima, they have also opened up the shows for Ulrich Schnauss, Robin Guthrie, Mark Gardener (Ride), The Radio Dept. and more. They are currently recording their new album, the same that will be released by Saint Marie Records worldwide in the first half of 2018.
SA 16.12 // 20H // 15€
dreams never end records & smuf
a dreamy celebration of the new output by the shoegaze outfit the autumn sighs
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