Do 25.5.17

She-Devils, Pascale Project

ACUD CLUB 20h → Concert

“I’ve always believed in the idea that if you visualize or summon something, it will come true,” explains She-Devils vocalist Audrey Ann Boucher. Alongside her friend and bandmate Kyle Jukka, she has summoned ‘She-Devils’: a channel through which Audrey Ann and Kyle explore the sensory world, actualize aesthetic fantasies and alchemize pieces of history into entirely new sensations.
Through primitive electronic gear, hypnotist vocals, and an “amusement park of sounds”, the duo’s album constructs a fun-house world of beautiful chaos. The music is built from original sonics inspired by everything from Iggy Pop to Madonna to T-Rex to Can, as well as the romantic longing of ‘60s yé-yé.

DO 25.5 // 20H // 11€
melt! & shameless/limitless present
the duo explores the sensory world, actualizes aesthetic fantasies and alchemizes pieces of history into entirely new sensations
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