Do 2.2.17

Shari Vari

ACUD CLUB 20h → Concert

Shari Vari – The electronic based pop group founded by Helena Ratka and Sophia Kennedy - are about to release their first EP 'Life Should Be a Holiday' which contains 5 pieces of music that oscillate between songwriting and a more club based track character.
20H Doors
21H Start
Every piece on 'Life Should Be a Holiday' has a way of dealing with traditional forms of songwriting, breaking those rules and structures while combining psychedelic lyrics and chords with dark electronic sounds and weird, stubborn beats.
You are going to have a teenage crush on a white cat on a roof, while drowning in a pool and who ever can write a song „while checking the phone“, needs to have at least one fan.
Looking forward to plunge into the world of "Shari Vari", so hit the booze and run (to the concert)!

DO 2.2 // 20H // 10€
zart agency presents
the electronic based pop group release their first ep
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