Di 10.1.17

Sounding Images #5: We Don't Care About Music Anyway...

ACUD STUDIO 19h30 → Screening

A voyage of discovery into Tokyo’s avant-garde music scene with Frauke Boggasch.
Some stereotypes still exist: Japanese people are conform, defined by their society’s strict social rules, they all work like crazy (or sometimes even to death) and it seems to be impossible to break out.
I first stumbled into a strange wall of sound while entering a tiny club in my neighbourhood Nakano/Tokyo in the year 2000. I was fascinated by a certain radical boldness, the implicitness of musical styles and a somehow equal coexistence of (for example) both J-pop and harsh noise.
Since then I’ve been trying to follow paths of alternative ways of existing in Japan (or let's say mostly in Tokyo) – either in film, literature or art and especially in music. Considering the contemporary art scene in Japan still to be in progress, the music scene offers hidden gems of extreme music experiences: rare moments full of intense noise catharsis can be found in these tiny clubs in some inconspicuous basements under convenience shops in highly commercialised streets…
The film We Don’t t Care About Music Anyway… (2009) captures some of the most significant noise musicians in Tokyo during roundtable discussions and live performances. Silent scenes are combined with the craziness of this megacity’s desolate wastelands and an impending self-destruction of today's consumerist society.
"Conformity is defined by a social consensus. Our actions are dictated by this hypocritical norm, which smothers any desire for change. I'm convinced there are many alternate and more appealing possibilities. I also believe it's my role to seek them." (Yamakawa Fuyuki)
The film is itself a piece of noise, a documented search for sounding spaces and the otherness of sound and its perception.
Film by Cédric Dupire / Gaspard Kuentz
Music by Otomo Yoshihide / Numb & Saidram / Yamakawa Fuyuki / Kirihito / L?K?O / Sakamoto Hiromichi / Umi no Yeah!!! / Goth-Trad / Hiko
Sound by Jacob Stambach
FRAUKE BOGGASCH is an artist living in Berlin. Her theoretical interest and writing often focuses on Japanese pop and underground culture. // Homepage
The series SOUNDING IMAGES focuses on different approaches to documenting and visualizing musical performances, scenes and movements as well as close collaborations between filmmakers and composers, including soundtracks. The aim of it is to open up a wide range of perspectives on the interrelation of music, experimental filmmaking, and video art, including issues regarding race, class, sexuality and gender. Invited guests will discuss selected works and a short introduction to each screening will provide background information, sometimes a Q&A will follow.
SOUNDING IMAGES is organized by Fiona McGovern.
DI 10.1 // 19H30 // 3-6€
a voyage of discovery into tokyo’s avant-garde music scene with frauke boggasch
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