Sa 22.10.16

10 Years Awesome Tapes From Africa

ACUD CLUB 22h → Club Night

In the course of the past ten years, the critically acclaimed music label has been shedding light on obscure and wonderful sounds from across the African continent. Come celebrate!
Since 2006, Brian Shimkovitz's Awesome Tapes From Africa blog has been shedding light on obscure and wonderful sounds from across the continent. As a DJ he brings the blog to life with 2-3 hour sets blending folkloric pop, left-field dancefloor gems and hip-hop bangers he's collected on African marketplace finds. Traveling from club to festival to DIY space, Awesome Tapes From Africa DJ sets celebrate the music and musicians whose cassettes Shimkovitz has collected over the years.
In 2011 ATFA developed into a critically acclaimed vinyl label, re-releasing records by African artists including Bola, Dur-Dur Band, Hailu Mergia and just this week Penny Penny. The label plays an essential role in furthering Brian's mission to build an international audience for African music through touring and re-issues.
Drawing on his vast African cassette archive—which includes highlife, fuji, benga, tsonga disco, soukous, hip-hop, rhumba and ethio-soul, among countless other genres—his role now combines that of educator, promoter and selector, finding him DJ across the world. His DJ sets on twin tape decks explore deep, regional sounds using analog-anchored agility not heard/seen anywhere else.

... is one truly devoted dance-cosmopolist. Lead by a sure hand for exotica and obscurities his fingers have digged through the heart of darkness, built castles on the sandy shores of Rio, held the reins of the normads’ camels, changed the strings of shabby gypsy guitars, have clapped the castanets to the proudest flamenco dances, ... and they are still not weighted down with weariness at all, always eager to work that vinyl collection of pure black gold for the sake of a world-spanning, body-moving education in DANCE. Cher Monsieur played in all sorts of clubs, bars and festivals around Europe - From KaterHolzig, Salon zur wilden Renate, KaterHolzig and Sisyphos in Berlin, to Pllek and RedLight Radio in Amsterdam, to Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg, King Georg in Köln, KONG in Munich, Pratersauna & Grelle Forelle in Vienna, Ridley Road Market Bar in London, Mesteren&Laeringen in Copenhagen or Port Said in Tel Aviv. Festival appearances at SehrSchoen in Norway, Fusion Festival in Germany, Lighhouse Festival in Croatia, Mysterieland in Amsterdam and Sinstruct in Northern Italy, just to name a few. Musical styles range from percussion heavy disco, afrofunk/beat, brazilian boogie, b-music and groovy afternoon / pre party stuff from all over the world.

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Saturday, 22.10.2016, ACUD CLUB
Doors: 22H
Admission: TBA
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