Mi 5.10.16

Sounding Images 03: Diamanda Galás - Intravenal Song

ACUD STUDIO 19h30 → Screening & Talk

The series SOUNDING IMAGES focuses on different approaches to documenting and visualizing musical performances, scenes and movements as well as close collaborations between filmmakers and composers, including soundtracks. The aim of it is to open up a wide range of perspectives on the interrelation of music, experimental filmmaking, and video art, including issues regarding race, class, sexuality and gender. Invited guests will discuss selected works and a short introduction to each screening will provide background information, sometimes a Q&A will follow. The series is organized by Fiona McGovern.
For SOUNDING IMAGES 03, composer Bill Dietz narrates a trajectory through video documents of the singer, composer, and activist Diamanda Galás.
Undisputed dark queen of vocality, Diamanda Galás is a living legend. Her more than 40 year career spans experimental music, AIDS activism, and tangential forays into something like popular culture. From her music videos (including MTV's "most offensive video of 1988"), excepts from her 1993 VHS Judgement Day, music from soundtracks (e.g. Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers) and appearances in films (Rosa von Praunheim's 1990 Positive), through various live recordings, and finally her 1998 book The Shit of God, the evening traces Galás' conception of "voice as composition."
... is a composer and writer, as well as co-chair of the Music/Sound Department in the Bard MFA, and Guest Professor of Sound at the Academy of Media Arts (Cologne). He was born in Bisbee, Arizona, and has lived in Berlin since 2003. // Homepage
Wednesday, 5.10.2016, ACUD studio
Doors: 19H30
Admission: 3-6€
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