Do 6.10.16

Ulrika Spacek, Creams

ACUD CLUB 20h → Concert

Formed in Berlin in one night, 14-year-long friends Rhys Edwards and Rhys Williams conceptualized ULRIKA SPACEK and came up with "The Album Paranoia" as their debut album title. Moving back to their shared house 'KEN', an ex art gallery in Homerton in the summer of 2014, they began work on the project which was to become 10 track experimental alt-rock masterpiece "The Album Paranoia". Ulrika Spacek's soundscape has drawn assorted interpretations, a cross pollination of hypnotic fuzz, with Tom Verlaine (Television) and Stephen Malkmus (Pavement) guitar idiosyncrasies and intertwining feelings of both angst and melancholia. An amalgamation of their record collection, influences range from Krautrock to Sonic Youth and the above. // FB


presented by puschen
Thursday, 6.10.2016, ACUD club
Doors: 20H
Admission: 11€ - Tickets
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