Do 23.6.16

The Filter Experiment

ACUD STUDIO 19h → Talk & Screening

THE [...] EXPERIMENT SERIES is a transdisciplinary open seminar organised by Occulto Magazine's editor and publisher Alice Cannava in ACUD Studio space. Scientists and artists, professional and amateurs, curious nerds and hesitant passers-by are all warmly invited to a hybrid multiformats program - lectures, artist’s talks, performances, screenings, workshops, one-night exhibitions and more. Recurring lecturers and one-time guests will include hard and soft science researchers, historians and writers as well as visual artists, film directors, musicians and designers. Expect an informal situation, the possibility to develop a collective ongoing discussion, reports of each session with bibliographic references, good food and music.
19H15 Short introduction by ALICE CANNAVA [Occulto]
19H45 Talk: "Science, concept space + creativity" by RUSS HODGE [Science Writer]
20H45 Food by PROPER MEALS
21H30 Film screening GIUSEPPE BOCCASSINI [Film Director]
RUSS HODGE is an American science writer who currently works at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) in Berlin Buch. Previously he ran the Office of Information and Public Affairs at EMBL in Heidelberg, where he became heavily involved in science education. His work as author includes fiction, popular science and collaborative papers in peer-reviewed journals. // Homepage
GIUSEPPE BOCCASSINI is an Italian, Berlin based film director. He graduated in film theory at the University of Bologna and in in film direction at The New University of Cinema and Television located in Cinecittà, Rome. He works also as director of photography and editor for cinema and television. His work has been shown in several international film festivals and exhibitions. // Homepage - Vimeo
PROPER MEALS: Supper Club, Catering and Events. From Italy to London’s food circus, dipped in French delicatessen, landing in Berlin. // Homepage
presented by occulto
Thursday, 23.6.2016
Doors: 19H
Admission: 5€
One-bowl cold dinner: 5€ (RSVP)
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