Do 12.5.16

Carla Dal Forno, Omen, Mxm

ACUD CLUB 21h → Concert

Having long been associated with well-respected underground label Blackest Ever Black via her membership in projects such as Tarcar and F ingers, Australian Carla Dal Forno has just released her solo debut 7" on the label to great acclaim. This concert will mark the drone pop experimentalist's Berlin live debut. Opening the night will be MXM, another debut featuring members of Circular Ruins and Pantene, offering more atmospheric electronic psychedelia, as well as the damaged pop of Omen.
CARLA DAL FORNO [Blackest Ever Black]

CARLA DAL FORNO has long been associated with Blackest Ever Black through projects like Tarcar and F ingers. Her first solo 7” single “Fast Moving Cars” is coming out on Blackest at the end of April 2016. "Fast Moving Cars," dal Forno's solo debut after playing in BEB's F ingers and TARCAR, generally trades in the muggy, stoned, off-kilter abstractions of the best work released on the label. But on the back of its delicately plodding bassline and lyrics advocating experiencing the outside ("To stay in one place I have no desire/The world's so much vaster") it's a fair bit more optimistic, full of life, hope, and possibility—a dazed dream of a better world than the one you're living in now. // Soundcloud

The signature of OMEN are heavy riddim and maggled synths. Damaged pop hits! // Soundcloud

MXM: Hypno vibes. Reality tunnels. New project from Berlin featuring Marijn Degenaar (Circular Ruins, Ill Winds) and Molly Dyson (Pantene). // Soundcloud

Thursday, 12.5.2016
Doors: 21H
Admission: 5€
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